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Enlighten Medicine regularly offers workshops to increase your ability to work with energy, open your intuition, and allow you to enlighten yourself!  This is a description all workshops that we regularly offer.  To see the upcoming workshop schedule, please visit the EVENTS page.  Thank you!

New Paradigm Basic Master Course

Investment: $333.  Deposit of $75 required to hold your spot, deposit is not refunded if cancellation is made less than two weeks before the scheduled date.  Space is limited, class size is capped at 5.

Learn to channel the very high vibrational Mahatma and Shamballa energies while powerfully clearing your energy fields

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is an energy school that is about living a life of freedom, limitlessness, and love without conditions.  It consists of two full days of meditations, chakra clearings and activations, and working with the Archangels and St. Germain to ground the very powerful Mahatma and Shamballa energies within your body. It reinforces the connection to your I AM presence, your monadic self (an even higher level than your 'higher self').   This class is led by Kelly Kay, a certified New Paradigm Basic Master teacher.

What is Mahatma and Shamballa energy?  Within the last 20 years, the Earth's vibration and humanity's vibration have been increasing. This allows for even higher vibrational healing energies to be used by us at this time.  The Mahatma energy is a 9th dimensional energy of pure, unconditional love that powerfully heals and uplifts.  The Shamballa energy is the energy of the Mother/Father creator, the energy of Ascension, of Oneness.  You will also learn how to work with the transformative Violet flame of St. Germain, which clears old karma and old wounds from our system instantaneously.  When used together, these energies can powerfully heal, transform, and move your life into a whole new vibrational level!  While these energies may be used to heal others, they may also be used daily as a meditation practice to heal and balance yourself and move yourself along your healing or spiritual ascension path.

Meditations/activations will include:

- DNA clearings and activations

-Lightbody and Antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge) activations

-Advanced 12 chakra system clearings and activations

-Archangel clearings and groundings

-Violet flame clearings 

- 4 Shamballa, and 2 Mahatma activations

-Practice grounding and using the energy so that it flows and 'sticks' in your system

-Training and practice in using the energy to send over a distance using a crystal (distance healing)

-If time allows, many more!

This workshop is truly amazing and life changing.  A gift for anyone on their spiritual path, and a boon for any healer!

Contact Kelly at 773-682-7124 or [email protected] to RSVP



This four day workshop, led by Kelly Kay (certified New Paradigm MDT 13D teacher), dives deeply to resolve and remove old fears, traumas and karma.  We receive at least 13 activations from our own highest spiritual self, our I AM presence.  This allows us to access the highest dimension that we can safely access at our current time, up to the 13th dimension.  Also includes the following meditations and clearings:

- Clearing and reseting our DNA to remove disease or fear implants, and activating our full 12 strands of DNA

‚Äč- Activating our Antahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge, which runs up from our crown and allows us to more easily access guidance from our higher self or I AM presence

- Incorporating the energy of Unconditional Love, the Mahatma energies and the microtron into our hearts and our cells

- Learning how to safely channel light beings and our own I AM presence, and practice channeling in an energetically safe environment

- Releasing any locks or blocks along our chakras for full kundalini activation

- Aligning our sacred geometry with Archangel Metatron

- Plus, Kelly will always channel at least a couple spontaneous meditations from the Angels or Ascended Masters.  These are special meditations just for that particular group and time.  

This 4 day course is $555.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is needed to hold your space (this deposit can be saved for a future workshop if something arises and you cannot make your original workshop date).

Truly an incredible experience that's difficult to put into words!  Wonderful for any healing practitioner or any seeker on the spiritual path!