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There are no words that can express what you have done for me since I started seeing you in November. How do you thank someone that gave you your life back? You are a lifesaver! You are one of the most compassionate, patient and understanding people I know and I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I thank God every day for you!

You have taught me to be patient with myself, others and that it's ok not to be "perfect" and in control of everything. Quite frankly, I realized there is much I do not have control over and most times nothing I can do about changing it. But I can do something with my attitude and perception. You have taught me I need balance in my life and the power of meditative healing and nurturing.

When I first came to Kelly, I considered it my last hope.  I was almost resigned to living the rest of my life tired and puffy with chronic urinary tract infections, sinus infections, and an extra twenty to thirty pounds on me.  Kelly assured me that she could definitely help me and we could solve these issues.  She made me feel positive about my future health.

I have been seeing Kelly for over 3 years now.  She always listens intently and asks lots of questions, and never seems judgmental at all.  I feel like I get a new, specialized treatment every time!  She always spends lots of time with me and never makes me feel like she’s rushing onto another appointment before our treatment is complete.

Since starting my treatments with Kelly, my energy is way up.  I have started losing weight, and discovered many food intolerances my body has, including a gluten intolerance.  My chronic issues are bother me less and less.  I feel like I have a guide every treatment on how to change just a little bit of my life.  Over the past three years, that has added up to a lot of change!  It is truly empowering to get help and to be able to get guidance on how to help myself. 

I have loved working with Kelly so much that it has helped inspire me to pursue my interests in herbs.  I am now enrolled in an online program for nutrition, herbs, and aromatherapy.  Kelly has been a life-saver and a life-changer!

- T.C.

Little did I know the change I was in for when I stepped into the office for my first acupuncture appointment. I have learned so much about myself- physically, emotionally, mentally- and I owe it all to Kelly.

I originally went in to have treatment on some scar tissue that developed from a surgery I had a few years ago. My balance was off and I was having a lot of pain in the area. Within the first couple treatments I noticed a significant difference- my balance was starting to improve and the pain subsided considerably.

It was during these treatments that I learned a lot about how to pay attention to the signs my body gives me. For example, I found out that I was blood deficient (low iron), which explained why I had been feeling extremely tired for the few months prior. Through acupuncture treatments with Kelly, and small changes in my diet, I’m feeling so much better; I’m back to my normal energetic self!

When I first met Kelly I knew we would hit it off, she’s extremely down to earth and I felt I could trust her as soon as I met her. She really listens to what I’m saying/feeling and I can tell she cares very much about her patients. Kelly has significantly improved my quality of life- I highly recommend her!


I started doing acupuncture because I have an old knee injury from decades ago.  Well, my knee pain was so bad that I was on the verge of getting a knee replacement.  But when I read about all the possible complications, plus the long recovery time of knee surgery, I thought I’d give acupuncture a shot as my last resort.  After a few treatments, I was able to go dancing with my wife again. I started treatments with Kelly years ago, and knock on wood, I haven’t needed surgery yet - hopefully not for many years to come, if at all.  I really recommend trying acupuncture before doing surgery for something like knee pain.


Kelly Desierto is knowledgeable, intuitive, sensitive and caring as a professional acupuncturist.  As a client I have experienced acupuncture that relaxes me while keeping my system up and running. Kelly presents a strong yet gentle way of working, I sense that she knows exactly where to insert the needles without me feeling pain and I can relax knowing she giving her undivided attention to her work. 


I admit, at first I was rather skeptical about acupuncture.  I had been suffering from lower back pain and shoulder pain for many years and thought I should give it a try. To my surprise, my back pain noticeably diminished after a few treatments with Kelly.  At one of my treatments, I was coming down with a cold. I am an ex-smoker and my colds have a tendency to settle into my lungs with coughs lasting for weeks at a time.  Kelly suggested that if I was willing, she could treat my cold too.  Along with some suggested herbs, my cold symptoms disappeared within a few days.  I was amazed!  Back pain, colds, migraines, high blood pressure and stress are only some of the things I am now receiving regular treatments for with noticeable success.  I am no longer a skeptic and think of Kelly as my primary care physician!