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Esoteric Acupunture: Gateway to Expanded Healing and Heightened Consciousness

Esoteric acupuncture is healing for the body, mind and soul.

Esoteric Acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that combines ancient traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge with sacred geometry and the energetic chakra systems to assist in healing you on many planes simultaneously. The goal of esoteric acupuncture is to release old wounds, emotional and energetic, that have accumulated over time so that you may raise your vibration and thereby draw more love, joy, and health into your life.

More and more, people are realizing that in order to truly heal, there needs to be more of an emphasis on healing our spirit. We all carry emotional baggage from a multitude of lifetimes. Often, we are not consciously aware of the baggage or where it came from. However, this emotional baggage can get stored in our physical and energetic bodies and gets expressed as pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and many other symptoms. We may not know why we feel the way we do, but we have an intuitive knowing that things could be different. They could be better. As we are able to heal our emotional wounds and heal our spirit, we feel lighter, freer, and able to bring more peace and love into our hearts.

The body, mind and spirit must all be as clean and healthy as possible in order for us to attain these higher states of being. Esoteric Acupuncture combines working on the physical and energetic systems, as needed, to heal you on multiple levels. Depending on where you are at, more physical treatments may be needed before starting the energetic work in order to prepare your body for the influx of frequencies. You may need different physical cleanses, dietary recommendations, or herbal/supplement suggestions. Our physical body is an important part of who we are in this incarnation, and keeping it in prime shape assists you in drawing more light into your body and into your heart. If you already have a clean diet, meditate often, and practice some form of healing physical activity such as yoga, tai chi, or Nia, then you may be able to go straight into the energy activation treatments.

The energy activation treatments use the acupuncture needles to invoke energetic grids along your body. These grids work on the physical and energetic levels to clear old, negative patterns and replace them with more love and light. They allow for higher frequencies to enter your energy field, higher than has previously been accessible to the average person. If you align your intention to letting go of the old and absorbing the new energy, you will likely notice radical shifts in your life. Situations that formerly would have sent you into a rage or ‘pushed all your buttons’ become less intense for you. You are able to remain more calm and detached and not get sucked into the dramas around you. You forgive more easily and love more easily. You remember who you are. You are at peace with who you are, and those around you.

Kelly Kay also combines her Esoteric Acupuncture treatments with the energy of Reiki or Shamballa/Mahatma energy through her hands.  These are high vibrational energies that cause healing of our body, mind and spirit as old, lower vibrational energies are replaced with higher vibrational healing frequencies.  Combining Esoteric Acupuncture with these energies make it a truly powerful healing experience.

The world has aligned for this time to be the perfect time to heal many aspects of ourselves. The possibility exists for all of us, not just the yogis and the gurus, but ALL of us to heal ourselves and move to the next level of love and freedom from fear. Are you ready to move to the next level? Are you ready to honesty face yourself, forgive yourself and others, and release old patterns that are holding you back? Are you ready to approach life with less worry, less fear, and more joy and passion? If you are, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to move forward with big changes in your life, and to experience profound healing on many, many levels.


Question: How is esoteric acupuncture different than traditional acupuncture? 

Answer: Traditional acupuncture focuses primarily on healing the physical body. Traditional acupuncture is very good at managing pain and bringing harmony back to the physical body. Symptoms are managed based on your personality, body type, and physical tendencies of this particular incarnation.  Some styles of traditional acupuncture, such as 5-element or 5-phase, do focus more on the emotional or spirit aspects of the organ systems. However, the goal is still to work primary through the physical body to achieve balance. Esoteric acupuncture, on the other hand, works primarily through the energetic fields. This allows access to accumulations from previous lifetimes to be revealed and released. This also allows for deeper, longer lasting healing to take place, since everything in our physical world starts as a template in the energetic world and shapes the physical world we see. Esoteric acupuncture’s goal is not just physical well being, but emotional and spiritual healing. 

Question: What can I expect to feel after a treatment?

Answer: It depends on what you have stored energetically in different parts of your energetic field. If you come to a treatment already vibrationally clear, you will continue to feel increase joy and peace and the higher vibrations are anchored into your field. Some people feel a bit spacey or light headed. However, if you have old negative patterns to release (and most of us do), you may feel ‘off’ for a day or two post-treatment. Some people feel the urge to withdraw a bit from social activities to process things privately and internally for a couple days. Some people feel strong emotions come up such as sadness, grief, or anger. Rest assured that these emotions are coming up in order to be fully processed and released by you, so that you may stop karmically drawing these situations to yourself over and over again. If you approach them with a calm detachment and send love and compassion to the emotions or circumstances that caused them, they usually dissipate quickly.

Question: I don’t really meditate, or do yoga or eat vegan or anything. A lot of this is new to me. Can I still get esoteric acupuncture? Will it still benefit me?

Answer: Absolutely! We all have to start somewhere. Even if you’ve never heard of chakras before and have no idea what they do, as long as you are open to receiving the work, you can benefit from the treatments. I have great books that I recommend to people if you’d like to supplement what we are doing. Meditation does greatly enhance the work of esoteric acupuncture, but it is not necessary, especially at the beginning stages. You even may find esoteric acupuncture to be the spark that ignites a fire in you to look at some of these other practices in a new light!

Question: How many sessions of esoteric acupuncture are required?

Answer: There are many, many different treatment patterns available with esoteric acupuncture. Not every person needs all of them, and it’s impossible to know ahead of time how many or which ones you will need altogether. As the treatments progress, and as you work with the new energies, it becomes obvious which pattern is the next step. You may only want a few, or you may love the way your life is changing and you may come regularly to keep your life shifting in the direction you desire.

Question: How frequently should I come in?

Answer: Most people benefit well from treatments every week. Some people find that they need extra time to process the changes happening during the treatment, and feel more comfortable coming in every other week. Even if you are only able to come in once a month, you will still notice positive changes in your life. However, life does have a way of sucking us back into old negative habits again. Therefore the more regularly you can come in and keep those new vibrations in your body reinforced, the more profound the results you will experience.