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Chinese medicine, fundamentally, is a way to tend to the body before serious conditions manifest.  Chinese medicine views the body as an elaborate system, all interconnected, affecting your physical and emotional well being.  Your body is like a garden that should be tended regularly in order for you to bloom in full health and vitality.  Unfortunately, many of us wait until the weeds have grown out of control and then we get drastic health interventions done.  This is like setting fire to the garden to get rid of the weeds: you will eliminate the weeds, but how much damage have you done in the process?

Chinese medicine looks at the slight imbalances, the little weeds, and plucks them away before they get a chance to take over.  We check your pulse, your abdomen, even your tongue to get a glimpse into your body's systems.  We nourish where you are deficient, and we pull out where those excessive 'weeds' are accumulating.  These 'weeds' usually manifest as irritability, aches and pains, headaches, or sleep disturbances.  If we can treat people at these stages, then the more serious ailments are less likely to develop: mood imbalances, chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, or chronic illnesses.  This is especially true for conditions that are very lifestyle and stress related: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis.  If we can treat conditions before they are severe, Chinese Medicine can save people from years or decades of ill health.

Chinese medicine also helps with emotional regulation.  In Chinese medicine theory, all emotions are stored in different organ systems of the body.  For example, the kidneys store fear, the liver stores anger and irritation, the lungs store grief and sadness, the spleen stores worry or obsessive thinking, and the heart either stores joy or anxiety.  By releasing and rebalancing the energy of these organ systems, we help purge the body of accumulated negative emotional buildup and allow more joy, peace and ability to stay centered back into our life.

Chinese medicine does this by modulating many systems in our body.  Acupuncture helps to balance many of the body's autonomic (automatic) systems such as the nervous system, endocrine/hormone systems, and the different organ systems of the body.  When these systems are out of alignment, our whole system is thrown off.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine are used to restore a proper subdued nervous system response, to restore blood flow to areas where it is been diminished, to rebalance hormonal and endocrine systems.  It truly is a holistic approach to the body.  When all systems are in alignment, we can regularly feel well and live the life we want to live!