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I love meditation.  It's a great way to de-stress, connect with your inner guidance, and heal yourself.  Many of my clients have asked me to record meditations for them because they aren't sure where to start or are unhappy with other pre-recorded meditations that are available.  So I am now offering this service:

Get your own personalized meditation, recorded by me, Kelly Kay, that you can listen to as many times as you'd like!

The mediation can focus on anything: healing physical or emotional issues, stress relief, relaxation, help with sleep/insomnia...the possibilities are limitless.  I will connect to your higher self/I AM presence, your guides and angels, and all the Ascended Masters to pass along their energy and guidance so that you receive exactly what you need on all levels.  The recording will be sent to you via email and it's yours forever to listen to as many times as you'd like!

Price is $40 for a personalized, 20-30 minute recorded mediation.  To order, email Kelly at [email protected] and provide a brief description of what you'd like to focus on.

I've had clients rave about how helpful they are, and how they really speak to their issues at a core level.  Invest in yourself with a recording today!