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Enlighten Yourself Individual Sessions

Are you in the midst of big spiritual changes and need someone to turn to who understands the huge inner shifts you're going through and how they are affecting you?  Are you looking to grow your intuition, receive energy healing work, and break free from ego limitation to live the life of freedom and joy that you deserve?

Enlighten Yourself sessions are for you!

These personal, individualized mentoring sessions are done in series of 5 or 10 sessions.  Each session may include, depending on what is needed each week:

  • A scan of your chakras and energy fields and energy healing to rebalance you on all levels
  • ​Discussion of any spiritual issues and how they are affecting your life
  • Guidance from your team of guides, angels and Ascended Masters
  • Accessing your Akashic records (the energetic database of your entire soul's history) to help you clarify why certain patterns may be emerging in your life
  • Strengthening your connection to your higher self and I AM presence so that you can more easily access your own guidance
  • Practical tools that you can use on your own, every day, to improve your own intuition and heal yourself!  Follow-up sessions will allow for discussion of how these tools are working for you and any questions you may have about using them  

The first session is one hour and follow up sessions are about 45 minutes.  â€‹Payment is taken up front for all 5 or 10 sessions.  Generally they are scheduled either weekly or every other week.  If you do not receive what you are expecting after the first session, I will refund you for the remaining sessions.  After that, sorry, no refunds, although appointments can be saved for a later time if necessary.

5 sessions - $500

10 sessions - $900 (save $100!)

Many healers charge these amounts for the energy work portion alone!  Rarely can you receive not only energy work but channeled messages from your team of angels, guides, etc, personalized spiritual coaching, and access to your Akashic records in one appointment!  Schedule today by emailing Kelly at [email protected]