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Kelly Kay is attuned to the Shambala and Mahatma energies of unconditional love and the Ascended Masters.  This training is part of the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation School of Esoteric Sciences. These energies are some of the highest vibrational frequencies that humankind is currently able to channel safely.  They bring us into a vibration of pure love and wholeness to eradicate fear from your system.  Kelly is able to send the energies through her hands or over a distance, using her keen intuition to sense where imbalances are in your system, and allow your body and energetic field to naturally re-harmonize.  Healing may occur on the physical, emotional, or spiritual level.

Energy healing is very effective and safe, with almost no known side effects.  In most instances, after distance energy work the person receiving will report feeling calmer, happier, and more harmonious.  Sometimes, if the energy is more intense than a person is used to receiving, there can be a 48-72 hour period where old, negative patterns are cleared.  This may result in the person actually feeling more irritable or just 'off' while old patterns are brought to the surface.  Rest assured that these are simply signs that your body is releasing old negative emotions that no longer serve your highest good.  Drink plenty of water and be patient with yourself.  After the 48-72 hour period you adjust to your new vibrational level and feel much better and in alignment on all levels.

Need some healing energy, but having difficulty finding the time or the ability to come in?  Distance healing is available!  Energy medicine knows no bounds when it comes to time and space.  The energy sent is high vibrational healing energy that infuses your system, wherever you are, with peace and healing.  The energy goes where it needs to go in your system, wherever you need to heal or adjust.  There is nothing you need to do except be open to receiving it!

There is much research now documenting how energy systems such as Reiki or Mahatma/Shamballa energies affect both the practitioner and the patient.  During a treatment, in person or over a distance, both the practitioner and patient show changes in brain wave patterning toward the alpha state - the same healing state achieved in deep meditation.  They also pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic resonance (known as the Schuman Resonance).  Research has also shown that the biomagnetic field of the practitioner's hands pulse in waves between 2-30 Hz.  This is the ideal range for many types for physical healing, for example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7 Hz bone healing, 10 Hz ligament healing, and 15 Hz increased blood flow/capillary formation.

Pricing for distance healing is $50, and includes about 15 minutes of energy work with a 15 minute phone call discussion afterwards to share with you what Kelly's intuition found during the session.  Distance healing may be done as often as desired.  You may also call Kelly Kay to discuss how often it should be done or specific intentions around your particular case.