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Posted on 04-03-2016

Are you ready to be Enlightened about your body, mind and spirit?

Why did I choose my practice name to be Enlighten Holistic Medicine?  What does enlighten mean?

To enlighten someone means to shed insight or awareness, to give someone additional knowledge.  Certainly, there is much that people learn about themselves when they start on the holistic medicine path!  Did you know that the Kidney system in Chinese medicine stores fear?  Did you know that chronic worrying over money issues can cause low back problems?  There are countless examples I could give on how people leave my office saying, "Wow, that was really enlightening!"

To enlighten also can mean to help them become more spiritually aware.  I help people along their spiritual path by both bringing more Source energies into their bodies, both through Esoteric acupuncture and through New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation energy work.  I also help answer spiritual questions and help people see through their ego and Awaken!

Another interpretation of enlighten would be 'to be made lighter.'  When you come for a treatment you can release years, decades, lifetimes worth of dense, heavy energies that are only dragging you down.  Many people leave my treatments telling me how they feel lighter afterwards, both physically and emotionally.  When you feel lighter you feel freer, more joyful, more yourself at your best.  Who doesn't want that?

A final interpretation of enlighten would be 'to fill someone with light.'  Light is energy, light is the energy of Source, of the Universe.  People can have different amount of light quotients, a different percentage of light in their bodies and energetic fields.  When your body and energy field is filled with light, you are able to hold more love, more vital life energy.  You attract more love and more abundance into your world.  You live a life that is joyful, vital, ALIVE!

Come.  Enlighten yourself.