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Posted on 03-31-2016

Did you know that even color can help us heal? Color affects our moods, our thoughts, our day. Each chakra has a specific color, and by adding colors into our day that we may be lacking in, we can revitalize ourselves. What color do you need more of? Whatever color you feel resistant to or have trouble picturing may be a color you actually need much more of. Add it into your wardrobe, pick a pen of that color & write a poem with it, visualize that color soaking into your whole body. Have fun with it!

Red - 1st, root chakra.  Keeps us grounded, stable, focused

Orange - second, sacral chakra.  Sparks creativity, playfulness, healthy sexuality and balanced friendships

Yellow - 3rd, solar plexus chakra.  Personal power (not power over others, but owning the divine power within ourselves).  Manifestation in the physical world.  This is where the emotional body comes into our physical body, so clearing this chakra often is very helpful for emotional balancing.

Green/Pink - 4th, heart chakra and high heart chakra near the thymus gland.  Love without limitation, unconditional love for yourself and for all life.  Joy and bliss.

Sky blue - 5th, throat chakra.  Speaking your truth in kindness and non-judgement.  Letting your actions reflect your higher self instead of your ego self.  Joy of self-expression.

Indigo blue - 6th chakra, 3rd eye.  Inner sight, inner knowing, intuition.  Following our own guidance instead of giving our power away to others and their opinions.

Violet, white and gold - 7th, crown chakra.  Connection to the divine and to our higher self and I AM presence.  Knowingness in who we are and the Oneness of all life.  Peace, wisdom.