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Posted on 03-28-2016

Hello everyone.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Although many of you say that you do not have enough time in the day to read messages like this, I am here to assure you that you do.  Ultimately, it is far more important than the sports, socializing, and TV programming that many of you spend your time on.  There is no judgment here, only observation - if you would like to make progress on yourself, you must spend time going inward, you must spend time looking at yourself, without judgement, as see who you really are and see what things about yourself you may be able to let go of.

For those who feel inclined, I give you a practical exercise that will help increase the joy in your life.  Take a few minutes today and look into a mirror.  Sit crosslegged, if you can, or sit in a chair, and stare at yourself.  Do not judge your appearance, do not keep track of wrinkles or blemishes or your weight, and do not speak negatively about the image that is returned to you.  How many of you can do this?

If you find that you can, stay with it.  Look deeply into your own eyes.  Pretend that you are looking into the eyes of God, or Source, or whatever word you identify with.  Using your eyes, tell Source everything that's been on your mind.  Everything.  Be completely honest - if you are not, you are only lying to yourself, after all.

Keep looking into your eyes, keep looking at your face.  Does it change?  Does it look older, or younger?  Does is start to shimmer?  What emotion is in your eyes?  Is it sadness, fear, anger, regret?  Or joy, gratitude, love?  What lies within yourself that you have not given yourself permission to see?

Now, hold yourself in complete compassion.  Look at yourself as a loving mother would look as her young child, with love, compassion, forgiveness.  Let it flow from your heart and into your eyes.  Hold this energy for as long as you comfortably can.

I recommend doing this for 5-10 minutes every day.  You may do it for longer, if you can.  Remember, no negative self-talk, no judgements.  Simply look.

For some of you, the question "Who am I?" may pop into your head as you do this exercise.  This is a very valid and very important question.  Who are you, really?  Are you who you think you are?  Spend some time in front of the mirror pondering this.

For those of you who try this exercise, you will find a shift in yourself, but if you do not want to try it right now, I love you still.  Return to it when the time feels right.  All is love.  All is well.