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Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are so thin, they are actually thinner than a human hair! They do not feel anything like the needles used to draw blood or give vaccinations. Most of the time, people do not feel the needle at all. If they do feel something, it may be like a tiny mosquito bite sensation that lasts only a moment. Once the needle is in the body, it may feel slightly warm, heavy, or achy, but the sensation is generally mild and tolerable. Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing and many people fall asleep during a treatment.

Q: How many acupuncture sessions are required?

It is difficult to predict how many acupuncture sessions will be needed to relieve or cure your condition. In general, the less time you have experienced the symptoms, the faster they will respond to treatment. So a condition that has been present for only a few days will only take 1-2 treatments, a condition that has been present for weeks to months will usually take 3-7 treatments, and a condition that you have had for years will likely take 8+ treatments. Patients that are fully motivated to use herbs, make dietary and lifestyle changes will find that they get results more quickly.

Q: Can I treat multiple conditions at the same time?

Absolutely! That is one of the benefits of holistic medicine. Since we view and treat the body and a whole entity, it is common to work on multiple complaints such as asthma, digestive disorders, and stress relief, all in the same visit! This saves much time and money as opposed to going to multiple specialists in Western medicine. Also, many people find that as we work on one health issue, many other health issues get better at the same time, even if we haven’t been focusing on them. For instance, women who are struggling with fertility often find themselves spontaneously getting pregnant in addition to relieving their migraines and insomnia!

Q: How does acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work?

Chinese medicine views the body and physiology differently than in Western medicine. In Western medicine, the body is bunch of interlocking parts, like a machine. They fix one part at a time and hope that fixes the problem. However, fixing one part may make another part not function well instead, and this can lead to chasing symptoms around the body, seeing multiple specialists and using multiple medications to try to treat a condition. In Chinese Medicine, your body is a little universe specific to you, and every part of the body is woven into the whole, like a tapestry. To fix a disorder, you must look at the entire pattern the body presents to determine what to adjust. Adjustments are then made across the whole body on a physical and energetic level in order to bring balance back to picture. The acupuncture needles are inserted at specific points that release areas that are in excess or to strengthen areas that are deficient. The needles work on a muscular level (release of tight muscles), physiological level (release of endorphins, hormones, and other neurotransmitters), and energetic level (movement of energy through the body known as Qi) to create deeper, lasting healing. Herbs are chosen in specific, precise combinations to bring about balance as well.

Q: I’m not sure that I believe that acupuncture will work. Isn’t it just a placebo affect?

Not at all! Although believing that medicine works certainly opens up your body to healing, many patients who do not ‘believe’ in acupuncture are amazed at the wonderful results they get from treatments. This is also demonstrated by the success of acupuncture in animals, who obviously have no belief one way or the other about acupuncture yet still show significant relief from symptoms, just like people do. The World Health Organization has compiled studies done on acupuncture from all over the world to recommend which diseases can be treated by acupuncture, and it is quite an extensive list! To view the complete report: Click Here

Q: Do you accept insurance?!

At this time, EnLIGHTen Medicine does not work with insurance companies. However, if you contact your insurance company and find that they do partially or fully cover acupuncture, Kelly Kay can assist you in filling out a claim form that you would submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. Alternatively, FSA or HSA accounts often accept acupuncture as valid reimbursable service (check with them beforehand). Full payment is always still required at the time of service.