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What is energy work?

Energy work is healing that takes place in the energy fields of our bodies.  Outside of our physical body, we all have layered energy fields.  They concentrate in certain areas of our bodies known as chakras.  Our energy fields are like storehouses that hold the imprint our emotional experiences - both the joys and the sorrows, traumas, and hurts.  If the painful energetic imprints are held in our field long enough, it can translate into chronic physical pain, disease, and mood swings.

Kelly Mullen Desierto has the ability to sense what might be stored in your various energy layers, and do energy work to clear blockages and distorted energy fields.  She is attuned to both Reiki (level 2) and the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation energies of Mahatma and Shamballa.  These are some of the most powerful, highest frequency healing energies that people can safely bring through at this time.  It brings us into the vibration of love and wholeness.  They work to bring your energetic fields back into balance, which translates into better physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  

What is the science behind energy work?

Much research has been done on energy work, especially in Japan, where Reiki originated.  Researchers such as Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. John Zimmerman found that both the practitioner and the receiver of the energy become synchronized into an alpha brain state - the same healing state achieved in deep meditation.  They also pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic resonance (known as the Schuman Resonance).  Research has also shown that the biomagnetic field of the practitioner's hands pulse in frequency waves between 2-30 Hz.  Independent medical research shows that these frequencies are in an ideal range for physical healing.  For example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7 Hz bone healing, 10 Hz ligament healing, and 15 Hz increased blood flow/capillary formation.  

Who can benefit from energy work?

The beauty of energy work is that it can utilized by anyone - all ages, beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds. Dr. Becker carried out his research on Reiki across the planet, with patients from a wide array of cultures and belief systems. They all tested the same.  Energy work falls outside any particular faith or belief system, so it may be utilized by someone of any religion or no religion.  It is gentle and safe.  This makes energy work great for everyone, and is especially ideal for babies, young children, and elderly patients who may be too vulnerable to receive more aggressive therapies.  Even animals show benefit from the healing energies!

What can I expect to feel during or after a treatment?

Energy work is very effective and very safe, with almost no known side effects.  In most instances, after energy work the person receiving the energy will report feeling calmer, happier, and more harmonious.  Occasionally, if there are a lot of disharmonies in your energy field that need to be cleared out, there can be a 48-72 hour period where old, negative energies are cleared.  This may result in you actually feeling more irritable or just 'off' while old patterns are brought to the surface.  Rest assured that these are simply signs that your body is releasing old negative energies or emotions that no longer serve your highest good.  Drink plenty of water and be patient with yourself.  After the 48-72 hour period you adjust to your new energy level and feel much better on many levels.

Do I need to physically come into your office to receive the energy work?

Actually, no!  Kelly is trained in channeling these energies over a distance so that you may receive them anytime, anywhere.  The new theories in physics of quantum theory and string theory demonstrate how particles may be affected by each other, instantaneously, regardless of distance.  Because energy work utilizes these very fine particles of light and energy, the energy may be sent anywhere, anytime for instant healing.  Sometimes Kelly does recommend coming to see her in person, especially for the first treatment, so she can more fully get a sense of your energy field before she does distance healing.