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Herbal consult treatments are available to those who do not wish to receive acupuncture or any other accessory technique, but simply wish to treat their condition using herbal remedies. Kelly is board certified in Chinese herbs and formulas (not all acupuncturists are). This allows her to not only recommend stock formulas but also gives her the ability to customize herbal formulas specific to a patient’s particular condition, which greatly speeds up the healing process.

Herbs are very different from pharmaceuticals.  Although many pharmaceuticals are derived from herbs originally, they are often changed in such a way that the body cannot process them in a healthy manner.   They are stripped from surrounding, supporting parts of the plants, overly concentrated, and usually mixed with other chemicals to assist in shelf life or for patent purposes.  This results in medicines that are harsh on our body, especially our liver and kidneys, and often have significant side effects.  Other pharmaceuticals are not derived from plants but are manufactured entirely in a laboratory, with questionable understanding of how these chemicals truly interact in all of our systems physiologically.

Herbal medicines use the whole plant part (leaf, bark, root, or fruit), cook them into a tea, and dehydrate that tea into powder or pills.  The benefit of using the whole part of the plant cannot be overstated.  Our bodies are biologically, evolutionarily designed to process foods and herbs in whole.  Usually many biological compounds in a plant work together synergistically to heal us, and isolating one singular chemical from a plant, as the pharmaceuticals do, misses all these other compounds that may exist.  Also, most herbs are used in combination.  They are specifically designed to balance and enhance each other.  For example, if there is an herb that is a little hard on the liver, another herb will be added to the formula to protect and heal the liver.  For this reason, side effects from herbs are quite rare.

In particular, Kelly often uses herbal remedies for issues of insomnia, digestive problems, skin problems, fertility, and asthma/allergies.

Herbal medicine is a very powerful way to heal the body.  Kelly Mullen Desierto is skilled at using herbs as a stand alone tool or in conjunction with acupuncture for amazing results.