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Japanese style acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture has its roots in Chinese medicine, but was adapted about one hundred years ago when carried over to Japan. It uses very fine, soft needles that are only inserted millimeters into the skin, or not inserted but instead simply rest against the acupuncture point. The needles are then manipulated in specific ways to achieve the desired results. Often, the patient will feel very little needle sensation or may not feel the needles at all. If the patient is particularly needle sensitive or weakened by illness, a teishin may be used, which is a metal tool about the size of a needle that can be used to treat the acupuncture points just as effectively without puncturing the skin. Japanese style also involves balancing the energetic and physiological systems of the body but is more focused on nourishing the core organ systems. The treatment may be accompanied by accessory techniques such as moxibustion or herbal recommendations. This style is suitable for anyone, but is especially suited for children, the elderly, and adults that suffer from fatigue or chronic illnesses.

Herbal consult

Herbal consult treatments are available to those who do not wish to receive acupuncture or any other accessory technique, but simply wish to treat their condition using herbal remedies. Kelly is board certified in Chinese herbs and formulas (not all acupuncturists are). This allows her to not only recommend stock formulas but also gives her the ability to customize herbal formulas specific to a patient’s particular condition, which greatly speeds up the healing process.

Acupuncture and Guided Spiritual Meditation

This treatment is designed to help release emotional wounds and realign a person with his or her higher self. This treatment combines stimulating a few specific acupuncture points along with specific guided meditations tailored to each patient’s particular issues. The meditations are intended to help patients release old wounds and habits that are holding them back, find a higher purpose in life, and make positive life changes. These treatments also help resolve the root of many illnesses which have more of an emotional cause than a physical one. Although this treatment option does involve a spiritual connection, the patient may be of any religion or no religion for it to be effective; the only requisite is an open mind and a desire for change. For patients who are completely against using needles, acupressure (using a finger to press on the acupuncture point) or a teishin (a metal tool which does not puncture the skin) may be substituted.